How to vote on governance proposals


Moonwell Governance leverages both on-chain and off-chain voting mechanisms. Below is a step-by-step guide showing how to review and vote upon active proposals from the Governance Portal (on-chain) and the snapshot portals for Apollo and Artemis (off-chain).


In order to participate in voting you will need:
  • Web-3 wallet
  • ​Delegated WELL/MFAM tokens
  • GLMR/MOVR for gas (does not apply for Snapshot voting)
  • An active proposal to vote on
Your WELL/MFAM must be delegated prior to a proposal becoming active in order for your votes to count toward the current proposal.

On-Chain Voting

Once a Moonwell Improvement Proposal has made it through the proposal process and has been submitted, it will appear on the Governance Portal. Here you can view all current and former MIPs.

Step 1 - Connecting to Governance Portal

  • Navigate to​
  • Upon connecting to the Governance Portal, a pop-up modal will ask you to connect your Web3 wallet
  • Accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer
  • Connect wallet

Step 2 - Review Governance Portal

After connecting your wallet, you’ll see the main components of the Governance Portal.

Step 3 - Voting

  • If a proposal is currently live for voting, it will say Active next to the title. Upon clicking on an active proposal, a pop-up modal will appear showing proposal details.
    • Current vote tally
    • Time remaining
    • Proposed contract call
    • Proposal description
    • User voting power
    • Vote FOR, AGAINST, and ABSTAIN buttons
  • To vote on a proposal, simply click on the voting action you want to choose. For the sake of this guide, we’ll be voting FOR this proposal.
  • After choosing a voting direction, you’ll be presented with a transaction log modal showing your voting direction and prompted to confirm the transaction via wallet.
  • Confirm transaction in wallet
  • Once your transaction has been completed, you’ll see the confirmed state in the transaction logs and proposal modal.
  • You've successfully voted!
Note that you can only vote once per proposal. Make it count!
Proposal Modal
Transaction Logs

Off-Chain Voting (Snapshot)

Signal voting and voting on proposals that do not require upgrades or changes to the Moonwell Apollo/Artemis codebase utilize snapshot voting portals.

Step 1 - Connecting to Snapshot Portal

Step 2 - Voting
  • Select an active proposal
  • Select the options you would like to vote for, in order of preference
  • Click on the "Vote" button and sign the message via your wallet
  • You've successfully voted!
The "Vote" button will only unlock and be clickable once all options have been selected, in order of user preference.
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