Delegate MFAM and WELL tokens to activate their inherent voting power


In order to propose changes to the protocol(s) and participate in voting, one must first delegate their WELL or MFAM tokens. When you delegate your governance tokens, you're giving whomever you delegate to the ability to vote with said tokens (if you "activate your voting power", you're delegating your WELL/MFAM to your own address). Users may only delegate to a single address at a time, be it their own or that of another who will represent them in governance and can change delegates at any time. Votes are delegated from the current block and onward, until the sender delegates again, or transfers their WELL or MFAM.
Unless delegated, WELL/MFAM tokens will not be able to be used for governance voting.

How to Delegate

WELL and MFAM token holders are able to delegate their tokens from the Moonwell Artemis and Moonwell Apollo dapps, Governance Portal, and Claims Site. Upon visiting these sites while holding un-delegated WELL or MFAM, users will be prompted to delegate. By clicking "Activate Voting Power", you will delegate your WELL/MFAM to your own wallet address.
From the transaction log (which you can access by clicking your wallet address in the top right), users will see a Your Voting Power button. Clicking this will bring up a modal that shows ones total delegated voting power and a breakdown of where the power comes from. This total voting power displayed is an aggregate of delegated WELL or MFAM, delegated claims, and the amount staked in the Safety Module. From this modal, you're also able to assign to which address their voting power is delegated to.

Becoming a Delegate

If you are interested in becoming a delegate and representing others in Moonwell Governance, create a post in the Delegation Pitch category of the forums. This is where you will be able to introduce yourself, share your vision for the protocol, define your framework for voting on proposals, and expound upon why others should delegate to you. Before posting, please review the Delegate Guidelines.

For further information regarding delegation, please visit the Delegate FAQs.