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Moonwell Security Council

The Moonwell Security Council is a vital component of the Moonwell Ecosystem, responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of the Moonwell Ecosystem. The initial Security Council is composed of trusted Moonwell contributors and community members, each bringing unique expertise and a deep commitment to the long-term success of Moonwell.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a unified group of signatories across various mission-critical, security-focused multisigs, such as the Governance Guardians and Pause Guardians.

  • Take immediate action to protect the protocol and its users in the event of an emergency, such as a security threat or exploit.

  • Review Moonwell Improvement Proposals (MIPs) for compliance with the Moonwell DAO Constitution, Moonwell Apollo DAO Constitution, and Moonwell Foundation governing documents.

  • Review and approve grant proposals submitted to the Moonwell Foundation and DAO, ensuring alignment with community objectives and ecosystem growth.

Initial Security Council Members

The initial Security Council members are as follows:

  • Gauntlet

  • Elliot Friedman

  • Luke Youngblood

  • X0s0l

  • Coolhorsegirl

Selection and Ratification Process

To ensure community support, the initial Security Council roster is subject to ratification votes by both the Moonwell and Moonwell Apollo DAOs via their respective Snapshot voting portals. Successful ratification votes confirm the inaugural Security Council and empower them to assume their roles and responsibilities within the Moonwell Ecosystem.

Security Council members serve an initial 12-month term, after which full onchain elections take place annually to select new members, ensuring that the Security Council remains representative of the evolving Moonwell Ecosystem.

Transparency and Communication

The Security Council operates with a high degree of transparency, holding regular meetings and providing public communications to keep the community informed of its activities and decisions.

Relationship with the Moonwell Foundation

The Security Council works closely with the Moonwell Foundation to maintain the security and integrity of the Moonwell Ecosystem. The Council provides guidance and oversight on security-related matters and collaborates with the Foundation to address potential threats or vulnerabilities.

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