Learn how to lend your digital assets on Moonwell


Lend your assets to start earning a variable interest rate and rewards.


  1. Wallet Connection

    • To get started, connect a wallet to the Moonwell app.

  2. Hold an asset(s) that is supported on Moonwell.

    • All supported assets are listed in Markets.

How to Supply

Step 1: Selecting Asset to Supply

Option 1

  1. Navigate to "Lend".

  1. With the "Supply" modal selected, choose the asset you want to supply from the dropdown menu.

Option 2

  1. Navigate to "Markets"

  1. Click "Supply" on the asset you want to lend.

Step 2: Completing Deposit Transaction

  1. With the "Supply" modal selected, enter the amount to be supplied.

  1. Click "Supply", then "Confirm Supply" in the pop-up window.

  1. Wait for the transaction to complete.

  2. Congratulations! You have successfully supplied assets to Moonwell.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive mTokens in exchange for the tokens you have supplied to Moonwell. mTokens are transferable, yield-bearing ERC-20 tokens that represent a user's position on Moonwell.

Every asset supported by Moonwell has its own corresponding mToken. For instance, mGLMR represents the minted version of Moonbeam's GLMR token.

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