👷‍♂️ERC20 Vault Deployment

To deploy an ERC20 Vault for your project or use case, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Tokens or Assets: Decide which tokens or assets will be deposited into your vault.

  2. Find the Corresponding mToken Address: Visit the Contracts page and find the corresponding mToken address for the tokens or assets you want to use. Please note that these vaults are only available on the Base network.

  3. Navigate to the Factory4626 Contract: If depositing ERC20 tokens, navigate to the Factory4626 contract on the Basescan page.

  4. Connect to Web3: Connect to Web3 using MetaMask or another wallet provider on the Basescan page.

  5. Find the Underlying Token Address: Call the underlying method on the mToken through the Read as Proxy page. This will reveal the ERC20 token that needs to be deposited to mint the mToken.

  1. Ensure Sufficient Token Balance: Make sure the deploying wallet has a balance of at least 10 ** ((underlying token decimals * 2) / 3) of the underlying token.

  2. Approve Token Spending: Approve the underlying token to be spent by the 4626 factory address. The approved amount should be at least 10 ** ((underlying token decimals * 2) / 3).

  3. Enter the mToken Address: In the Factory4626 contract, enter the mToken address corresponding to the underlying token you want to use for the vault.

  1. Specify the Reward Recipient Address: Enter the reward recipient address that will receive the rewards on behalf of the 4626 depositors.

  1. Deploy the Vault: Click Write and approve the transaction that pops up in your wallet. This will deduct 10 ** ((underlying token decimals * 2) / 3) from your token balance to create an initial mint amount in the vault that is burned. This burn amount helps mitigate share price inflation attacks where an attacker front-runs an initial depositor and increases the share price.

Once the transaction confirms, your new ERC20 4626 Vault will have been created and will be ready for use.

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