💡Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet is a next-generation onchain wallet that revolutionizes the way users interact with Moonwell and countless other applications on Base and across the Ethereum ecosystem. By leveraging passkey technology, Smart Wallet offers a simple, secure, and user-friendly experience with passwordless login.

Passkeys provide a more secure alternative to traditional passwords by utilizing biometric authentication like fingerprint or facial recognition. With end-to-end encryption, passkeys can be securely stored on various platforms such as iCloud, Google Drive, 1Password, or hardware devices like YubiKey. This enables users to access their wallet effortlessly across devices without the hassle of managing recovery phrases.

Smart Wallet streamlines the onboarding process, empowering users to create a wallet in mere seconds without the need for additional apps, extensions, or complicated seed phrases.

Through our integration with Smart Wallet, Moonwell continues to break down barriers to entry and invite a wider audience to explore the benefits of onchain finance. Experience the future of onchain interactions with Smart Wallet's simplicity, security, and accessibility.

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