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Moonwell Foundation

The Moonwell Foundation is a Cayman Islands entity established to support the growth, development, and adoption of the Moonwell Protocol, the Moonwell Apollo Protocol, and the broader Moonwell Ecosystem. The Foundation operates in accordance with its governing documents, which include the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and Bylaws.

Mission and Objectives

The Moonwell Foundation's mission is to:

  • Enable the development of technical improvements to the Moonwell and Moonwell Apollo Protocols

  • Foster community and ecosystem growth through strategic grants

  • Organize educational initiatives and participate in events to increase awareness and promote the Moonwell Ecosystem

  • Safeguard certain intangible assets that underlie the Moonwell Protocol and Moonwell Apollo Protocol

Organizational Structure and Governance

The Moonwell Foundation is overseen by a board of directors residing in the Cayman Islands, who are responsible for managing its day-to-day operations and ensuring that it fulfills its mission. The Directors are bound by fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of the Moonwell Foundation, and their actions are subject to oversight by the Moonwell Foundation Supervisor.

The Foundation works to ensure that its own governance and purposes are aligned with and supportive of the principles and objectives outlined in the Moonwell and Moonwell Apollo DAO Constitutions, maintaining a cohesive governance framework across the entire Moonwell Ecosystem.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

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