How to Unstake

Unstake WELL or MFAM tokens from the Safety Module

Unstaking Process

In order to unstake WELL or MFAM tokens from the Safety Module, there is a required 10-day cooldown period. Once this period has elapsed, you will have a 2-day window to proceed with the unstaking of your tokens.

If tokens are not unstaked within the 2-day window, users will need to activate another 10-day cooldown period. Tokens can only be unstaked during the 2-day window that follows a 10-day cooldown period.

Initiating the Cooldown Period

To initiate the 10-day cooldown period, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "Stake"

  • Click "Activate Cooldown" to start the mandatory 10-day cooldown period

Completing the Cooldown Period

Throughout the 10-day cooldown period, stakers will continue to earn rewards. To keep track of the cooldown progress, simply access the "Stake" interface regularly and check the status indicators and countdown timers provided.

Unstaking within the Withdrawal Window

After the 10-day cooldown period, you will have a 2-day window to unstake your tokens. To complete the unstaking process within this window, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "Stake".

  • Click "Withdraw" located underneath the cooldown indicator.

  • Confirm the details of the transaction are correct in your wallet, and then execute the transaction.

  • Wait for confirmation.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully unstaked your tokens from the Safety Module.

Reactivating the Cooldown Period

If you fail to unstake your tokens within the 2-day unstake window, you will have to activate another 10-day cooldown period. To do so, follow the steps outlined in the "Initiating the Cooldown Period" section of this page.

The Cooldown Period and Its Importance

The cooldown period is a critical component of the Safety Module, serving several purposes:

  • It provides stability and safeguard the protocol by preventing sudden mass withdrawals that could affect the Safety Module's coverage.

  • Stakers continue to earn rewards during the cooldown period, maintaining their incentive to participate.

  • The cooldown period ensures that the Safety Module can effectively backstop the protocol in the event of a "Shortfall Event", reducing risks associated with large-scale token withdrawals.

Staking additional tokens during an ongoing cooldown period

If you stake additional WELL/MFAM tokens while you have an active cooldown period, the cooldown duration will be extended instead of being completely reset. The length of the extension is determined by the proportion of tokens added to the Safety Module compared to the existing amount already staked and under cooldown. Please note that the standard cooldown period is 10 days.

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