📜DAO Constitutions

The Moonwell DAO and Moonwell Apollo DAO constitutions serve as the foundational frameworks for the governance and decision-making processes within the Moonwell DAO and the Moonwell Apollo DAO.

Moonwell DAO Constitution

The Moonwell DAO Constitution is the primary governance document for the Moonwell DAO. It was created in collaboration with the Moonwell Foundation, active contributors to the Moonwell Protocol, and delegates of the Moonwell DAO. The constitution outlines the following key aspects:

  • Moonwell Improvement Proposal (MIP) Process: The MIP process enables WELL token holders to propose, discuss, and vote on changes and upgrades to the Moonwell Protocol.

  • Security Council: The constitution defines the role and responsibilities of the Moonwell Security Council in maintaining the security and integrity of the Moonwell Protocol.

  • Grant Guidelines: The constitution provides guidelines for both Foundation Grants and Community Grants funded by the WELL Treasury.

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Moonwell Apollo DAO Constitution

The Moonwell Apollo DAO Constitution serves a similar purpose for the Moonwell Apollo Protocol on Moonriver. It outlines the governance processes and principles specific to the Moonwell Apollo DAO, including:

  • Moonwell Improvement Proposal Process: The constitution details the Moonwell Improvement Proposal (MIP) process for the Moonwell Apollo Protocol, allowing MFAM token holders to participate in the governance and decision-making of the protocol.

  • Security Council: The role and responsibilities of the Security Council in the context of the Moonwell Apollo Protocol are defined within the constitution.

  • Grant Framework: The constitution provides a framework for both Foundation Grants and Community Grants funded by the MFAM Treasury.

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Both the Moonwell DAO Constitution and the Moonwell Apollo DAO Constitution are designed to be living documents, adaptable to the evolving needs and priorities of the Moonwell Ecosystem through the MIP process. They also include a Code of Conduct and a set of community values that guide the behavior and decision-making within the Moonwell Ecosystem.

By establishing clear governance frameworks, codes of conduct, and community values, the Moonwell DAO Constitutions provide a solid foundation for the growth and success of the Moonwell Ecosystem, ensuring that the protocols remain community-driven, transparent, and aligned with the values and goals of the Moonwell community.

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