👷‍♀️ETH Vault Deployment

To deploy an ETH Vault for your project or use case, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Factory 4626 ETH Contract: Go to the Factory 4626 ETH contract page on Basescan.

  2. Connect to Web3: Connect to Web3 using MetaMask or another wallet provider on the Basescan page.

  3. Find the Underlying Token Address: Call the underlying method on the Moonwell WETH mToken. This will reveal the ERC20 token (WETH on Base) that needs to be deposited to mint the mToken.

  4. Ensure Sufficient WETH Balance: Make sure the deploying wallet has a balance of at least 0.0001 WETH.

  5. Enter the mToken Address: In the Factory 4626 ETH contract, enter the mToken address. The address should be 0x628ff693426583D9a7FB391E54366292F509D457. You can double-check this address against the Moonwell WETH address on the Contracts page.

  1. Ensure Sufficient Token Balance: Make sure the deploying wallet has a balance of at least 0.0001 WETH.

  2. Approve Token Spending: Approve WETH to be spent by the ETH 4626 factory address. The approved amount should be at least 0.0001.

  3. Specify the Reward Recipient Address: Enter the reward recipient address that will receive the rewards on behalf of the 4626 depositors.

  1. Deploy the Vault: Click Write and confirm the transaction. This initial amount of WETH is used to create an initial mint amount in the vault that is burned. The burn amount helps mitigate share price inflation attacks where an attacker front-runs an initial depositor and increases the share price.

Once the transaction confirms, your new 4626 ETH Vault will have been created and will be ready for use.

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