🏦4626 Vaults

ERC-4626 is a standard for tokenized vaults that simplifies the process of integrating with lending markets like Moonwell. Many protocols build on top of or compose with Moonwell's lending markets to lend assets and earn yield. Traditionally, this requires writing custom integration contracts to supply and redeem from the underlying markets.

To streamline the development process for applications composing with Moonwell, two ERC-4626 factory vaults have been created:

  1. ERC20 Vault: This vault allows users to deposit and withdraw ERC20 tokens into the Moonwell protocol.

  2. ETH Vault: This vault enables users to deposit and withdraw ETH directly into the Moonwell protocol.

The addresses for these respective contracts can be found in the Contracts section of the Moonwell Docs.

Benefits of Using ERC4626 Vaults

  • Standardization: ERC4626 vaults provide a standardized interface for depositing and withdrawing assets, making it easier for developers to integrate with Moonwell and other compatible protocols.

  • Composability: Applications built on top of ERC4626 vaults can seamlessly compose with other DeFi protocols, enabling the creation of more complex and feature-rich financial products.

  • Simplified Integration: By leveraging ERC4626 vaults, developers can save time and effort by avoiding the need to write custom integration contracts for supplying and redeeming assets from Moonwell's lending market.

  • Improved User Experience: ERC4626 vaults abstract away the complexities of interacting with lending markets, providing a more user-friendly experience for depositing and withdrawing assets while earning yield.

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