Token Information

Each deployment of the Moonwell protocol has its own ERC-20 standard token:

  1. WELL (Moonbeam and Base)

WELL has a total supply of 5,000,000,000 tokens

Moonwell (WELL) Moonbeam token address: 0x511aB53F793683763E5a8829738301368a2411E3 Moonwell (WELL) Base token address: 0xff8adec2221f9f4d8dfbafa6b9a297d17603493d

  1. MFAM (Moonriver)

MFAM has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens

Moonwell (MFAM) Moonriver token address: 0xbb8d88bcd9749636bc4d2be22aac4bb3b01a58f1

Key Functions

Despite being different tokens, both WELL and MFAM provide the same functionality, which includes governance and staking.

1. Governance

The authority to govern the Moonwell protocol is bestowed upon holders of the WELL and MFAM tokens. In order to submit and/or vote on "Moonwell Improvement Proposals" within Moonwell Governance, you must have delegated WELL or MFAM tokens.

The WELL token governs both the Base and Moonbeam deployments of Moonwell, while the MFAM token governs the Moonriver deployment.

2. Staking

WELL or MFAM tokens can be staked within the Moonwell Safety Module. This smart contract allows token holders to contribute towards protecting Moonwell against "Shortfall Events", such as smart contract exploits, liquidation failures, or oracle malfunctions.

Transparency Reports




WELL and MFAM tokens are available for trading on the following exchanges:


StellaSwap (Moonbeam)

Solarbeam (Moonriver)

Aerodrome (Base)

Please note that buying and selling WELL/MFAM tokens carries risks, so it is important to proceed with caution.

Liquidity Pools

WELL and MFAM tokens can be used in liquidity pools on the following decentralized exchanges:



Aerodrome WELL/WETH LP


Solarbeam MFAM/MOVR LP

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