Moonwell is an open lending and borrowing protocol that offers two primary tokens: WELL and MFAM. These tokens serve various functions within the Moonwell ecosystem, including governance and staking.

WELL Token


  • Moonbeam

  • Base

    • There are two variants of the WELL token on Base:

      • WELL: This variant is based on the xERC20 token standard, enabling multichain functionality. The standard allows the token to natively exist on Base.

      • Wormhole WELL: This variant has been deprecated.

Contract Addresses

Token Distribution

MFAM Token


  • Moonriver

Contract Address

Token Distribution

Key Functions

1. Governance

The WELL and MFAM tokens grant holders the authority to participate in the governance of the Moonwell protocol. Token holders can submit and vote in onchain "Moonwell Improvement Proposals" and Snapshot Voting within Moonwell Governance.

  • WELL: Governs the Base and Moonbeam deployments of Moonwell.

  • MFAM: Governs the Moonriver deployment of Moonwell.

2. Staking

Token holders can stake WELL or MFAM tokens within the Moonwell Safety Module. This module, implemented as a smart contract, rewards stakers for their role in helping to support protocol security.


WELL and MFAM tokens are available on the following exchanges:


Aerodrome (on Base)

Solarbeam (on Moonriver)

StellaSwap (on Moonbeam)

Liquidity Pools

WELL and MFAM tokens can be used in liquidity pools on the following decentralized exchanges:


Base: Aerodrome WELL/WETH LP

Moonbeam: StellaSwap WELL/GLMR LP


Moonriver: Solarbeam MFAM/MOVR LP

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