Governance FAQs
Why is Moonwell Artemis (WELL) governance arriving first? What about Apollo (MFAM)?
Who can participate in governance?

Delegate FAQ

What does it mean to delegate?
Why would I want to delegate my voting power to someone else?
If I delegate to another address will I retain ownership of my WELL/MFAM?
Am I able to modify to whom my WELL or MFAM is delegated to?
Upon acquiring additional WELL/MFAM tokens, do I need to delegate again?
Will my Safety Module staked tokens count towards my voting power?
Will my unclaimed sale tokens count towards my voting power?

Proposal FAQ

Where can I share my ideas and proposals?
Are there any rules or guidelines for posting proposals on the forum?
What sort of changes can we propose?
What is the threshold for a proposal to pass?
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Delegate FAQ
Proposal FAQ