Contract Interactions

Public Functions

By calling this function you'll specify the mTokens that you wish to "enter" the market for. This marks your supplied position in a market to be used for collateral calculations, and is a pre-requirement for borrowing assets from the protocol.
Does the opposite of "Enter Market" - marks a supplied position as no longer to be used for collateral calculations. Can not occur while actively borrowing against this market and cannot succeed if doing so will plunge your position underwater.
The Claim Reward function in the comptroller sends the invoker the owed protocol rewards for their supply/borrow activity.

Admin Functions

Only the protocol admin can call these functions!
Sets the price oracle to be used by the protocol
Sets the address of the pause guardian used across the protocol
Sets the amount of gas sent with any native token sends from the protocol, useful to support things like Gnosis Safe, but should be set to the minimum threshold necessary to hedge against reentrancy issues.
Disables minting for a specified market
Disables borrowing for a specified market
Disables transfers of mTokens between two addresses. Does *NOT* prevent supplying, borrowing, repaying, or liquidations.
Disables liquidations across the entire protocol
Sets the WELL address used for sending out rewards


Sends a specific amount of well from the comptroller to a specified address