Bridging Assets
This page is not an endorsement of any of the bridging protocols described below, and any such bridging protocols are described purely as illustrative examples. Always do your own research about the risks of the bridging protocols described before interacting.

Bridging Assets to Moonriver

Users starting out on Moonriver network for the first time will need to bridge their assets from other chains in order to use dapps in the ecosystem. There are several bridge options available supporting a wide range of assets.
The bridge used in this example will be the native integrated bridge powered by Multichain on Solarbeam DEX.
Solarbeam and Solarflare have a simplified and integrated front end bridge, built over the Multichain protocol. The current interface uses v2 Multichain assets.
Step 1: Select origin network. This is the network where tokens will be bridged from
Step 2: Select the destination network. In this case, the destination network is "Moonriver"
Step 3: Select the token to be bridged, and the amount
Step 4: Approve the bridge on the site, and in Metamask
Transactions using this bridge can sometimes take a few minutes. If the bridge attempt does not complete after 15 - 30 minutes, try to manually push your transaction. For any further problems, refer to Solarbeam's documentation.
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