Supplying assets to Moonwell

Supplying Assets

Users on Moonwell Apollo and Artemis are able to supply their assets to single-sided liquidity pools, or Money Markets, in order to start earning a variable interest rate, which is accrued on a block-by-block basis. Users are also able to leverage their supplied assets to borrow other tokens from the protocol.
Before supplying, determine if the token you wish to utilize is supported. Some bridges will have their own version of an asset which may not be supported on Moonwell. For a list of assets supported on Moonwell, please [click here].
Moonwell Apollo supports .multi (Multichain, formerly Anyswap) assets.
Moonwell Artemis supports .wh (Wormhole) assets.
If a user is wanting to supply an incompatible version of the asset, it may be possible to swap it at a decentralized exchange if there is sufficient liquidity. Otherwise, the only solution is to bridge back to the origin network, and then return on a compatible bridge or with a compatible asset.
Please be aware that in rare situations, utilization can reach 100% which would result in being unable to withdraw tokens until there is sufficient liquidity (such as loan repayments, or additional liquidity being supplied).

Step 1: Navigate to "Supply" tab

For this demonstration, GLMR (Moonbeam’s native token) will be used.

Step 2: Select amount of asset to supply

The Health Factor Value status will fluctuate depending on the amount of assets supplied compared to the amount borrowed. In this demonstration, the health factor is 100 as there are no outstanding loans.

Step 3: Confirm in Metamask

The user transaction history will display, beside the wallet transaction request. Confirm the transaction in wallet. Additionally, the transaction history can be closed or re-opened by the button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Success! Transaction completed.

Enable Collateral

Step 1: Go to "Supply" tab, toggle "Yes" Collateral

Step 2: Confirm using asset as collateral

Step 3: Confirm in Metamask


Withdraw Funds

Step 1: Navigate to the “Supply” tab.

Click on the “Withdraw” button to open the modal window for withdrawing funds.

Step 2: Select the amount you wish to withdraw

In the modal window, select the amount you wish to withdraw. In this case, “MAX” was selected in order to withdraw the full amount.

Step 3: Approve the withdrawal transaction in Metamask

Confirm and sign the transaction in Metamask. All previous transactions can be viewed in the transaction log.