Supplying FAQ

How do I supply assets?

Please review the instructions located here.​

What is the source of earnings?

Lenders receive continuous earnings which are dependent on certain market conditions from the borrower payment interest fees.
Interest rates are shared between suppliers, which are derived from borrowers fees and corresponds roughly to average borrow rate * utilization rate. A higher utilization of the reserve yields higher earnings for depositors.
Each asset has an individual market of supply and demand, and APY which fluctuate over time.
Currently, there are 2 types of rewards for supplying assets: Supply APY, and Distribution APY.
Supply APY automatically accrues in the smart contract, and the rewards are in the token supplied based on fees paid by borrowers. For example: supplying GLMR will accrue rewards in GLMR.
Distribution APY are additional rewards, which need to be claimed in the rewards panel. These are additional rewards that are earned over a period of time.
​Moonbeam Ignite​
Moonwell Artemis token
Moonwell Apollo token

Is there a minimum or maximum amount?

There is no minimum or maximum amounts to supply. However, take in to account the gas fee and transaction costs which may skew your expected earnings when you deposit very low amounts.

How do I withdraw?

Please review the instructions located here. Ensure there is enough unborrowed liquidity before you withdraw. If there is an insufficient balance, you will need to wait for more liquidity before withdrawing.

Can I opt-out my asset from being used as a collateral?

Yes. You can opt out of individual assets from being used as collateral in the “Supply” section of the dashboard.
You will earn rewards from supplying assets whether you have enabled collateral or not.