Learn more about Moonwell Governance
The Moonwell protocol is governed and upgraded through the use of both on-chain and off-chain governance structures. Voting power and governance rights over the Moonwell protocol are derived from the protocols' native governance tokens, WELL (Moonbeam and Base) and MFAM (Moonriver). Once delegated, these tokens can be used to propose changes to Moonwell and vote on the proposals of others. The central hub for governance and proposal-related discourse is the Moonwell Governance Forum. Anyone can register for an account on the forum, and all discussions are publicly available. The Moonwell Discord is also a great place to share ideas with other community members and stay up to date on the latest proposal and voting information.
On-chain governance proposals are voted on through the Governance Portal. Off-chain governance proposals and signaling votes are conducted from the Snapshot voting portals.
Further information regarding Moonwell Governance can be found on the following sub-pages: