Swap for Gas

Acquiring gas tokens for transactions

Acquiring GLMR for Initial Moonbeam Transactions

To acquire GLMR for initial Moonbeam transactions, there are several options available:

  1. Deposit via bridges: Several bridges will deposit a nominal amount to cover the initial transaction fees.

  2. GLMR faucets: In case the deposited amount is insufficient or if a bridge with no starting transaction fee was used, you can utilize the "Swap for Gas" feature found on StellaSwap.

  • For more information on StellaSwap's "Swap for Gas" feature, visit the StellaSwap documentation at "Swap for Gas" and "Faucet".

If further assistance is required, please reach out to StellaSwap for help.

Acquiring MOVR for Initial Moonriver Transactions

To acquire MOVR for initial Moonriver transactions, the "Swap for Gas" feature provided by Solarbeam can be utilized. This feature enables users to acquire MOVR for their initial Moonriver transactions.

If further assistance is required, please reach out to Solarbeam for help.

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