Interacting with MetaMorpho Vaults

Depositing and Withdrawing from Vaults


Users can interact with Moonwell MetaMorpho Vaults directly through the Moonwell app. The process is simple and intuitive:

  1. Navigate to the Moonwell app and connect your wallet

  2. Select "Vaults" from the top navigation bar

  1. Choose the vault corresponding to the asset you wish to deposit (ETH Vault or USDC Vault)

  1. Enter the amount you want to deposit using the "Supply" modal and confirm the transaction

  1. After completing your deposit transaction, the vault will automatically allocate your assets across Morpho Blue lending markets based on the predefined, optimized strategies set by the vault curator. You can view your total deposited balance in two places:

    • The vault page, located below the Supply modal

    • The Moonwell "Portfolio" page


  1. To withdraw, simply use the "Withdraw" modal (the tab next to where you originally supplied) and specify the amount you wish to remove from the vault. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it to complete. Once successful, the specified amount will have been withdrawn from the given vault.

Before making a withdrawal, confirm that there is enough available liquidity. Withdrawals are only possible if sufficient liquidity exists; otherwise, the transaction will fail. If liquidity is too low, wait until more becomes available. Liquidity may increase when depositors add more assets to the vault or borrowers in Morpho Blue markets repay their loans.

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