🏃Getting Started

Getting started with the Moonwell Subgraph is easy thanks to some spectacular tooling offered by the graph protocol.

There are a number of ways to interact with the subgraph, but the easiest way to start is by simply visiting the "queries" URL by following the "queries" URL in the bottom right on the subgraph's page found here - https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/moonwell-fi/moonwell-moonbeam

When you click on that, you're presented with the following interface, which gives you a mini-tutorial about how to write queries against the data that's indexed.

But how to find what queries are possible? If you click the "Explorer" button in the top left, you'll get a list of all data that's indexed by this subgraph.

This can be somewhat confusing to work with the first time you use it, so the following page is a simple tutorial about using these tools to accomplish something in a real way.

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